Since 1429

The curious history of the Gablerbräu



Did you know that the “Gablerbräu” once was one of the most important brewery inns in Salzburg? Did you know that the Rockhouse on Schallmooser Hauptstraße was nothing else but the former beer cellar of the Gablerbräu? Did you know that the brewery plant of the Gablerbräu even stretched as far as the present “Zentrum im Berg” at the foot of the “Kapuzinerberg”? Did you know that there used to be a tailor’s shop in the landmark-protected “Wappenstube”?

The history of the Gablerbräu is full of interesting details and is thus a treasure trove for historians and people who are interested in history!

The People.

In 1429 was the first mentioning of a beer brewer at the present-day location of the Gablerbräu. The pioneer’s name was Peter Zeysar. The Gablerbräu operated unabated as large old town brewery until 1914.

1535 the family Gapler took over the brewery inn, 1650 the brewing master was a certain Niclas Gapler. 1680 the name “Gablerbräu” was mentioned for the first time, not derived from the word “Gabel” but from the family name Gapler.

In the 18th century family Elixhauser were the owners of the property at the Linzer Gasse. They owned the Stieglbräu, the Guglbräu, and the Höllbräu, too. At the beginning of the 19th century the Family Gansl (the Salzburger “Ganslhof reminds of them) took over the Gablerbräu.

But the most shaping years were those when the family dynasty Mayr owned the Gablerbräu, then still inclusive a hotel. Franz May sen. was also the owner of the Hotel “Zum Goldenen Schiff” at the Residenzplatz, which at the end of the 19th century was one of the leading addresses in Salzburg. Franz Mayr sen. had four sons. Two of them, Franz und Fritz Mayr, led the Gablerbräu to prosperity. The famous opera singer Richard Mayr (1877 – 1935), another son, was born in the Gablerbräu building. The Richard-Mayr chamber with its many memories on the walls is named after him.

Franz Mayr jun. has given the Wappenstube its current landmark-protected appearance in 1911. He provided the models for carvings of 20 Late Medieval Episcopal shields as well as for the neo-Gothic interior, which can be admired until now. He got his inspirations from gothic treasures form the country of Salzburg like the “Rauriser Hallenschrank”.


The Beer Tradition.

It began at least at the year 1429, other sources say in 1408. The Gabler “Zwickl” flourished, as the historians Gerhard Ammerer and Harald Waitzbauer write in their book “Wege zum Bier. 600 Jahre Braukultur”. In 1900 approx. 12,000 hectoliters of Gabler-Zwickl were produced. After 500 years the in-house Gabler-Zwickl came to an end in 1913, because the brewery was sold by the Mayr sons. After more than 100 years we have our own in-house Stern beer again. The amber-colored, naturally cloudy Zwickl beer is brewed by the traditional brewery Stiegl according to our own recipe. All agricultural commodities are 100% local. Therefore, the beer is – just like us – a real Salzburg original!

The Reconstruction.

After many changes of ownership in the 20th century, Mag. Harald Kratzer – who also operates the Sternbräu at the Griesgasse – leads the Gablerbräu to new prosperity since 2013: completely renovated, spruced-up, and lovingly decorated, the Gablerbräu today stands out as one of the most interesting and charming old town inns!

A large scale renovation of the Gablerbräu took place in 2013. After a general renovation by the Immobilien Bauträger AG the house started off into a new era.

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