Our rooms & garden


58 seats


With its colorful stained windows this parlor has a special charm. It’s full of reminiscences of the local opera singer Richard Mayr (1877-1935) and his stations in Vienna and Salzburg, among others.

Mayr was a son of the former Gablerbräu innkeeper Franz Mayr. Beautiful wall paintings and an original tiled stove contribute to this unique atmosphere. Stewed oxtail and “Salzburger Nockerl” are just two treats tasting extremely well here.


40 seats


This is a landmark-protected and cultural-historical unique gothic inn parlor. 20 Episcopal shields with late-medieval motives on its walls can be admired.
The wooden interior is also neo-gothic.

The historian, Harald Waitzbauer, admires this room, because it is one of the few remaining well preserved rooms dating back to 1900 (former called “Rupertistüberl”). Due to its separate entrance, it is an ideal meeting place for small to medium-sized groups and club meetings.


68 seats

It’s the modern all-rounder parlor at the Gablerbräu. It’s a link between the Richard-Mayr Stube and the Wappenstube: beer bar and a modern ambience in one room. It’s perfect for the speedy lunch guest,

the cheerful crowd in the evening or all guests from near and far. It has not only bar seats and normal tables but high tables too. Since more than 100 years this place is called “Botenstube”. We have kept the name despite the modern interior.



84 seats


Mediterranean piazza- and promenade feeling during summer at two sides of the Gablerbräu: at the Stefan-Zweig-Platz with its architectonic sensational “water games” and in the Linzer Gasse.

It’s either hustle and bustle during the summer season at the Stefan-Zweig-Platz or „see and be seen“ in the Linzer Gasse: many say that momentarily these two beer gardens are the best at the right side of the old town! Fountains and water channels mutate into Salzburg’s only “old town open air pool” for the youngest guests.